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Words of support August 29, 2008

Posted by cleanidahoenergy in Snake River Alliance.

Since news of the Snake River Alliance lawsuit has hit the local, national and international media, I’ve received many supportive emails:

“Keep up the fight. I invested and I still believe. In a few years I hope I’ll be helping you build the Idaho Energy Center. The west needs more nukes!”

“It’s great to see a corporation standing up for itself as well as its investors. More power to you and thank you.”

“Thanks for standing up to these ‘folks.'”


Many people have also called or mentioned to me their satisfaction in knowing we have sued the SRA for defamation. Even other bloggers have mentioned the “over-the-top rhetoric” of the SRA (although there’s a difference between over-the-top and actually defaming someone, which our suit will demonstrate).

The EnviroPoliticsBlog asks us to consider that

“…maybe the environmental Davids have gone overboard in using a compliant media to slay corporate Goliaths. Maybe the tactics that win you easy headlines – hyperbole, half-truths and sometimes outright inaccuracies – are beginning to take their toll on the environmental movement’s credibility.”

From another perspective, it’s unfortunate it came to this. Environmentalists who work within the system have a long tradition of making our country better in many ways, by cleaning our water and air, protecting wildlife and promoting stewardship of natural resources. The resurgence of support among environmentalists for nuclear power is a clear sign they balance economic and environmental concerns, as only nuclear power can safely produce a plentiful supply of reliable, affordable base-load power with zero carbon emissions. In particular, Patrick Moore exemplifies the enlightened thinking prevalent among reputable, mainstream environmental groups regarding nuclear power. Moore, with decades of work in the environmental movement, is one of the founders of Greenpeace.

Other groups, however, simply exist to obstruct and oppose and are out of the mainstream. The closest they will come to supporting anything (such as renewable energy) is to merely withhold opposition. Even these groups have free speech rights, however misinformed they may be. Those rights end, however, when they compare a legitimate business to “scammers.”



1. Nuke friend - August 29, 2008

Great blog! The nuclear industry has for 30 years amassed a spotless record of reliability and safety, but it hasn’t gotten the word out. Thanks for standing up for your company.

2. Bongo the mad monkey - September 5, 2008

As I read it t the post about “over-the-top rhetoric” also includes a description of a thin-skinned energy developer who doesn’t have the patience to deal with a pesky but ineffectual anti-nuclear group. Instead of simply ignoring the SRA, you gave them a calling card to raise funds to really give you a headache.


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