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Mark your calendars for Wednesday, Oct. 8 October 3, 2008

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On Wednesday, Oct. 8, our project to build a 1,600-megawatt nuclear power plant in Idaho takes its first significant step toward approval. We will begin a series of four public hearings before the Elmore County Planning and Zoning Commission. We have requested Elmore County rezone 1,280 acres of land from agricultural to industrial, to allow the eventual submission of a Conditional Use Permit application. The P and Z commission will make a recommendation to the Elmore County Board of County Commissioners, which will have final say.

I am very sorry that I won’t be able to attend this meeting. Some months ago I scheduled travel on important business related to AEHI, based on hearings happening in September. Land use decisions can be complex and the county has needed to change its meeting dates to accommodate public comment, so I find I cannot attend. But our application will be in good hands with Mark Pecchenino, and Idaho land use consultant who is spearheading our presentation, and company spokesman Martin Johncox, who will be available to answer general questions.

Hearings on the rezone are all on Wednesdays, Oct. 8, 22, 29 and Nov. 5. All meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Mountain Home Junior High School Gymnasium, 1600 E 6th South. If you are able to, I urge you to attend these meetings, particularly the Oct. 8 meeting, and voice your support. It should pointed out this meeting is limited in scope, only to address the issues surrounding rezoning the property. When we get to the CUP application, we will be expected to submit detailed information on our reactor type, environmental impacts and a great many other things.

The Oct. 15 and 21 meetings are set aside specifically for opposition and we expect to hear lots of it. Unfortunately, when people support something, they’re usually complacent, but when they oppose something, they get riled up enough to come to a public hearing. I think that dynamic is one of the reasons why our country has fallen so far behind on energy generation, transmission lines, infrastructure and economic prosperity. I believe the silent majority supports us, but in terms of the planning and zoning commission, they must also consider what they hear from people who are motivated enough, for whatever reasons, to show up or submit a letter.

So, if you support our proposal for a power plant in Elmore County, please come to the Oct. 8 meeting and let your voice be heard.



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