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OTC:BB application submitted October 14, 2008

Posted by cleanidahoenergy in AEHI, approval process.

I am very pleased to announce that we  have submitted our application to the Federal Trade Commission to become a fully reporting company. Among other things, moving to the OTC: BB will give more information to investors about the company, resulting in more investors and investments; qualifies the company to move to larger stock exchanges like the OTC and NASDAQ; and permits major investment houses to sell the stock. The news release is below:

AEHI submits securities registration statement to prepare to move to the OTC:BB and become a fully reporting company

Listing qualifies the company to move up to OTC and NASDAQ and permits major investment houses to sell stock

Oct. 13, 2008

Jennie Ransom, IEC spokeswoman, 208-939-9311
Don Gillispie, CEO, 208-939-9311
Martin Johncox, IEC public relations, 208-658-9100

Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc., the company seeking to develop a nuclear reactor in Elmore County, has submitted the necessary securities registration statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission to become a fully reporting company and in preparation to move to the OTC:BB.

SEC approval can take up to a few months, depending on comments and commission workload. OTC:BB companies must be fully reporting and current with all required SEC filings, including audited financial statements, making it easier for investors to find reliable, unbiased information about a company. Among other things, OTC:BB status allows display of real-time quotes, last-sale prices and volume information.

“Our company just turned two years old and our application to become fully reporting is a natural step in the evolution of the company,” said President and CEO Don Gillispie.  “We have always held ourselves to a high level of accountability and this will add more institutional checks to our process.”

AEHI seeks to construct a 1,600 MW advanced nuclear reactor, Idaho Energy Complex that produces electricity and bio-fuels from the waste heat near Mountain Home. The Elmore County Planning and Zoning Commission last week began a series of hearings regarding the company’s application to rezone 1,280 acres of land for the power plant. The company has one of the industry’s most experienced nuclear management teams.

Also, the company has a pending agreement with the Mexican government to construct an advanced nuclear reactor that will also desalinate sea water into potable water. A letter of intent is under development with a landowner in Colorado for an advanced nuclear reactor for electricity as well as joint venture on wind and solar for the Colorado Energy Park. Another AEHI holding is Energy Neutral Inc which uses technology and renewables to virtually eliminate energy bills for homes, businesses and farms.



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