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Dealing with a distraction October 17, 2008

Posted by cleanidahoenergy in Elmore County, Politics and nuclear.
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Building a nuclear power plant – or just about anything else – is controversial. If you’ve ever tried to develop something out of nothing, you can expect a high level of opposition and even attempts to disrupt your operations.

That phenomenon was on full display June 16, at a public meeting we held in Glenns Ferry Opera Theater. Unfortunately, some people in the audience chose to create a distraction and disruption at the meeting. As a result, an anti-nuclear activist was arrested for trespassing at the behest of the Theater owner and a former consultant of ours also charged the activist with battery.

I have been called to testify in the trial, which is another unwelcome distraction to our goal of building a nuclear plant. We have asked our former consultant to drop the charges in the matter but it is moving forward regardless. The arrest of the activist resulted in a number of audience members shouting angrily at me saying “kill him” and “take him out,”  claiming I was behind this.  Meanwhile, I was in the middle of a PowerPoint presentation and I had absolutely no idea of what was going on.  Our meeting proceeded after order was  somewhat restored, but civility was lost.  In 40 years in this business, I have never received death threats during a presentation.

Truth be told, I was short with with some members of the audience after the threats because I thought the questioners were anti-nukes seeking to start an argument since that was the style used by many that night. For those who were there to seek legitimate answers to concerns, I certainly apologize for being short with them.  However, the disruption that occurred between the activist, former consultant and theater owner is between them exclusively. I wish them all well in working it out – our goal of building a nuclear plant must proceed.



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