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Idaho’s leading business organization endorses Elmore County nuclear plant December 17, 2008

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The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, representing 300 businesses and employers in Idaho, has endorsed the Idaho Energy Complex and urged local officials in Elmore County to approve our request to rezone land for the 1,600-megawatt nuclear plant.

“Elmore County and the State of Idaho must focus on a diverse mix of resources in our energy infrastructure,” states the letter. “Nuclear energy should be a part of that equation, as it bring a safe and clean alternative to Idaho’s base load along with significant economic opportunities for Idahoans to secure high-paying jobs.”

Needless to say, I am pleased at the endorsement. IACI is the voice of business in Idaho and has consistently taken positions that advance the economic interests of Idahoans and the businesses that employ them. We look forward to becoming one of Idaho’s major employers and furthering our relationship with IACI as we develop our plant.

The endorsement contributes to the increasing marginalization of opponents such as the Snake River Alliance. Both presidential candidates, Idaho’s governor, most legislators, the entire Congressional delegation and but one Idaho congressional candidate (Pro-Life) support nuclear energy.

Anti-nuke groups are finding themselves more and more on the fringe economically, politically and scientifically. Our opponents suggest we should put all our eggs in the renewable basket, but extremist policy and over-the-top rhetoric aren’t going to provide the jobs and energy Idaho and our nation desperately need. Until the Snake River Alliance comes up with a plan to put people to work, they should heed IACI’s advice.



1. Unemployed - December 20, 2008

Great for IACI and I hope the Boise chamber, Mountain Home chamber and other groups support you like this. Micron is giving all the signs of leaving, MHAFB is on the chopping block every few years and the lack of power is keeping other companies out of here. If other economic groups fail to support this project, I’d really have to question their commitment to economic development.

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