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Thanks to the Payette Chamber of Commerce December 28, 2009

Posted by cleanidahoenergy in Elmore County, Payette County.
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Chambers of commerce are great organizations. Nuclear plants, like any large employer, rely on a vital and active business community to trade with locally and chambers have an important role to play. We are pleased to join the Payette Chamber and they were very kind to mention us in their recent newsletter (an edited version is below). In addition to the $1,000 we donated to WICAP, we gave $2500 to Operation Warm Heart this year in Elmore County, bought clothes for teen boy in need, gave cash to family whose house burned and I am sure I forgot some others.

From: Payette Chamber of Commerce [mailto:info@payettechamber.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 3:37 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: New members…donations delivered!

Hello Everyone!

First, I would like to thank Idaho Power Co. for joining our Sustaining Member roster today! Mike, you’re wonderful…thanks for all you do! (smiling..) YAY! I have appealed to several businesses to consider being sustaining members and if YOU are thinking about it, please call and talk to me if you have any questions!

I would also like to welcome a new chamber member today! AEHI (Alternate Energy Holdings Inc) is your Chambers newest member! Thank you for joining  AEHI and we welcome you into our membership! Their Chairman and CEO, Mr. Don Gillespie, will be our speaker at the July 2010 General luncheon meeting and we look forward to hearing more about the nuclear power facility seeking a home in Payette County! Please go to their website at http://www.alternateenergyholdings.com/ and learn more about nuclear energy. There is an interesting video at the bottom of their homepage that you can view which features Mr. Gillespie, our own Mike Hanigan, VFW Cmmdr. Denny Croner, and Fruitland Mayor Ken Bishop.

If any of you have flyers, news or events that you would like to have mentioned or inserted into the January electronic newsletter…the deadline for that will be Tuesday December 29th. REMEMBER IT’S STILL FREE TO MEMBERS…:)

This morning was wonderful for your chamber director (smiling)…I so enjoy giving at Christmas and I was blessed to able to help Albertson’s deliver your Turkey dinners this morning to WICAP~! I have posted the pictures on our website in the album titled “Christmas 2009 Turkey Bucks” and I will attach a group picture here of those who were there. (wow, I just noticed I had the exact same clothes on in the Thanksgiving picture delivering turkeys to WICAP…lol…they are going to think I have no other clothes! ..chuckling)..Anyway, it was truly a joyful experience to help deliver those 63 dinners this morning! Thank you all so very much!!

Another wonderful thing happended today…when I got back to the office, I had an email from Don Gillispie (of AEHI) who had not received my emails about the turkey bucks drive (since he wasn’t a member yet) but had had yesterdays results of the drive email forwarded to him (by Denny Croner) to let him know about it…and about the chambers involvement in it. Don Gillispie wanted to know how he could donate $1000.00 for the cause! I had to tell him that the drive was over, but I did talk with Alan Deardorff (of WICAP) who said that they are in need of cash now (the food needs, toys needs and clothing needs had been met) for families who are in emminent danger of having their heat, lights and water turned off. So Mr. Gillespie has made his donation directly to WICAP in the form of cash to help meet those needs also. I swear (tears up) we live in a wonderful world…and angels DO walk among us!!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season to bring cheer, warmth and sustainance to those less fortunate than ourselves…thank you to those who haven’t helped but who spent a quiet moment wishing they could have (I am personally among this group)…and may God bless those who are receiving your generous donations today that they might have a truly blessed Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS ….from me to you….and from your Chamber to your businesses

Shelley Breidenbach
Executive Director
Payette Chamber of Commerce



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